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Cemeteries Advisory Committee
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February 2015 GCO c. 6, Sec. 6-21 to 6-24 "City-Owned Cemeteries Advisory Committee"

The City-Owned Cemeteries Advisory Committee shall consist of three members and up to two alternates, all of whom shall be residents of the City; one non-voting advisory member who is engaged in either the funeral, monument, or florist business; and the DPW Director or his designee as an ex-officio. All appointments are to be for three years and made by the Mayor subject to the approval of the City Council. Member terms shall be for three years.

Powers and Duties

The Committee shall have the authority to recommend a yearly budget relative to the management and
maintenance of all City-owned cemeteries subject to the approval of the DPW Director and the Mayor with final approval by the City Council. The Committee shall advocate for the wellbeing of all City-owned cemeteries. The Committee shall recommend to the Director any changes in the rates for perpetual care lots in the City-owned cemeteries, and the Director shall propose any rate increases to the Mayor under Charter Sec. 7-16(a) who shall provide the proposed rates to the City Council for their approval under Charter Sec. 7-16(a). Absent a recommendation from the Committee, the Director may propose such changes.


The Committee may propose regulations relative to the management of the City-owned cemeteries subject to the approval of the DPW Director and the Mayor under Charter Sec. 7-16(b) and approval and adoption by the City Council.

Agendas & Minutes

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month at the Veterans Center 12 Emerson Ave Gloucester MA.
Meetings run from 5:30 PM to 7 PM unless otherwise indicated on the Agenda.

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. 
Most Recent Agenda | View All 

Minutes are also available following approval. 
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 Last Name
 First Name
 Address  Telephone  Expires
 Amaral  Patti  14 Myrtle Square
 978-281-6708  February 14, 2022
 Barry  Sandy  7 Rose Lane
 978-500-7854  February 14, 2022
 McKean  Beverly  577 Washington St
 617-347-9078  February 14, 2022
 Kelly  Carol A (ALT)
 1178 Washington St  978-283-8644  February 14, 2020
 Maney  Christine (ALT)  3 Compass Way  978-282-1632  February 14, 2021

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