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2nd Annual Maritime Summit
Innovations in the Maritime Economy

Welcome to the New Port Economy  Mayor Carolyn Kirk


Keynote Speech: 
     Green Chemistry & Biomimicry:  the next generation of opportunity

               Dr. Amy Cannon

               Executive Director, Beyond Benign


Innovation in Action – Snapshots from the Working Port

           Intershell Seafood            Mr. Monte Rome, Principal
           Mortillaro Lobster          Mr. Vince Mortillaro, Principal

           Cruiseport Gloucester    Ms. Sheree DeLorenzo, Principal

           Cape Ann Seafood Exchange     Ms. Nina Jarvis, Manager

           UMass College of Natural Sciences     Dr. Steve Goodwin, Dean

           Ocean Alliance                  Dr. Iain Kerr, CEO

           Maritime Gloucester        Mr. Tom Balf, Executive Director


Keynote Speech: 

Operations of the Northeastern Regional Association

of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems (NERACOOS)

      Dr. J. Ru Morrison - Executive Director      

     Maritime Growth Opportunities:

           Diversified Fisheries – Current Adaptations and Innovation

                     Dr. Valerie Nelson, Director, Water Alliance, Moderator
Ann Molloy, Director of Sales and Marketing, Neptune’s Harvest
Ms. Niaz Dorry,  Coordinating Director, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance
Mr. Steve Aldrich, Managing Director, Rabican Companies

           Dynamic Areas of Ocean Sciences  - Dr. Earl Meredith, NOAA, Moderator

              Aquaculture in the Gulf of Maine

                       Dr. Richard Langan, Atlantic Marine Aquaculture Center

              Modeling fluctuating currents to minimize bycatch - NOAA

                        Dr. John Hoey, NOAA Northeast Cooperative Research Program 


           Technologies of the New Maritime Economy
                   Dr. Iain Kerr, CEO, Ocean Alliance, Moderator

                   Dr. Andrew Bennet, Associate Professor of Engineering, Olin College

             Dr. David Barrett, Associate Professor of Engineering, Olin College


Mapping the New Maritime Economy in the Northeast Region                 

             Summit Survey         Mr. Tom Balf, Director, Maritime Gloucester

             Businesses in the New Maritime Economy            

                       Mr. Peter Feinstein, General Partner, BioVenture Investors


Catalysts for Growth     Group discussion

                   Ms. Sarah Garcia, Director, Harbor Planning, Moderator






Sarah Garcia, Summit Chairperson

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