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Harbor Planning
Harbor and Economic Development Plans

The New Maritime Port Economy
     Report from Nov. 2011 Maritime Summit (published March, 2012)
by Mayor Carolyn Kirk

The Economic Development Administration
     The 2011 Assessment Team Report

The 2011 Harbor Economic Development Plan by Mt. Auburn Associates 
     2011 Gloucester Harbor Economic Plan

     Lyceums for Harbor Economic Development Plan discussions

          The Maritime Economy  The Visitor-based Economy  The Fishing Economy

The 2009 Approved Gloucester Harbor Plan
After five years of development and consensus building the state approved the Gloucester Harbor Plan and Designated Port Area Master Plan in December 2009.  The prior plan primarily focused on infrastructure improvement needs, while the current plan has focused on regulatory reform and policy to guide harbor development.  The plan provides specific guidance to the Department of Environmental Protection in the issuance of new Chapter 91 licenses in the Designated Port Area.  This guidance is summarize in the decision of the Secretary of Environmental Affairs approval which is included with the posted plan.

Community Values
The statement of the shared community values that direct the course of harbor development in the City was developed during a series of Listening Post meetings throughout the city in 2008.  A panel of citizens listened and captured the community voice in the Community Values Statement.

Relevant Links

Code of MA Regulations (CMR) 310 Section 9.00 Waterways Regulations
Code of MA Regulations (CMR) 301 Section 25.00 Designated Port Area Regulations
Mass General Laws Chapter 91 Waterways Law

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