How do I dispose of a mattress and/or box spring?

Starting on November 3, 2023, residents will schedule their mattress/box spring collection directly through UTEC.

The City of Gloucester has partnered with UTEC to offer curbside pickup twice a month at a cost of $40 per item (mattress and box spring are two items), and payment is made directly to UTEC online.

On the day of pickup, the mattress should be placed on the curb by 7am. Drivers will not enter private property in an effort to collect mattresses or box springs left on porches, behind locked gates or other instances.

To register for a pickup, visit UTEC's website, scroll down the page, select "schedule service" and select "Gloucester". The available dates residents can choose from will be highlighted.  For the month of November, there will be two collections, back to back, November 10 and November 17.  The next collection will be on December 8, we will then be on an every-other-week schedule for the most part.  If you have any questions or need assistance scheduling a pick up please contact UTEC directly at 978-856-3997.

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