How do I know if any parking spots are available on a given day?

The Yodel website updates availability in real time.  If a beach displays a green “Available” on its pass, this means that parking is available.  If it displays “Not Available” or "Sold Out", there is no parking currently available.  Please refer solely to the Yodel website for this information, and do not call, email, or message the Department of Public Works, Facebook Pages, or other City personnel to ask about parking availability.

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1. How do I reserve a parking space at Good Harbor Beach, Wingaersheek Beach, or Stage Fort Park?
2. How will I know I have completed my reservation?
3. Can I print my reservation to check in at the gate?
4. How will parking attendants check me in at the gate?
5. Can I pay cash at the gate?
6. What if I arrive without a reservation? What is the day-of policy?
7. Are reservations able to be refunded, transferred, or canceled?
8. What if I have a rental car, am using a different car, or don’t know my license plate number?
9. Are parking spaces guaranteed for non-resident beachgoers?
10. What are the parking prices for Good Harbor, Wingaersheek, and Stage Fort Park?
11. Is there a discounted rate for parking later in the day?
12. Will spaces become available as the day goes by?
13. Will the tides impact the number of parking spaces available?
14. How do I know if any parking spots are available on a given day?
15. When are parking reservations required?
16. What if I am a resident without a beach sticker?