Recycling is Mandatory in Gloucester, But How Do I Know What to Do With My Items?

In the recycling world, the term is “single stream”; the sorting technology and workers in the sorting plants do the separation, with conveyor belts carrying each type of recyclable to a different place, so now, you can put most everything in together.  No more putting recyclable paper and cardboard in a separate bin or putting recyclable cans, bottles, and plastics in a separate bin!  Recycling your trash is an important way you can help preserve our environment, reduce our consumption of precious natural resources, save yourself and our City money.  The more you put out for recycling, the less you have to spend on bags.  Only with your help can we reach our recycling goals.  Each item that is removed from the waste stream reduces our trash disposal costs, enabling us to use that money for other important city services - all while helping to preserve our environment!  The main reason heard from residents who don’t recycle is that it is too much trouble for them to sort their recyclables and that the bins take up too much room with paper and junk mail in one bin and everything else in another.  You can use an old trash barrel with a "Recycle" bumper sticker on it (stickers are available at the DPW at no cost).  Now there is absolutely no excuse not to take part.  And recycling is mandatory!  Mandatory recycling ensures that we get recyclables out of the trash and therefore out of the incinerator in Saugus where Gloucester pays an additional fee for every ton of trash taken there.  NOT RECYCLABLE/CONSIDERED REGULAR TRASH: Plastic bags of any kind including: pellet bags, styrofoam, bubble wrap, spray bottle pumps, deli & salad plastic containers, plastic disposable plates & cups, disposable silverware, napkins, styrofoam coffee cups, 3 ring binders, CDs and video tapes, greasy/food stained pizza boxes and paper with food stains.

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