Current Votes and Notice of Adoption of Loan Orders

Below you will find a listing of current votes taken by the City Council, that have not yet been codified, meaning not integrated into the City’s Code of Ordinances (GCO), or Zoning Ordinance (GZO), found online in Municode.

Amendments to GCO Ch. 2, "Administration," Article VII
COV 2017-036 (PDF)
4/9/2019Amend GCO Ch. 10 "Waterways Administration" Sec. 10-52 "Use of public landings" re: Kayaks
COV 2019-059 (PDF)

Amend GCO Ch. 2 "Administration" Division 8 "Human Rights Commission"
COV 2019-060 (PDF)

4/9/2019Amend GCO Ch. 24 "Vegetation" by DELETING Article II "City Plantings Committee" in its entirety
COV 2019-061 (PDF)

4/23/2019Amend GCO Ch. 4 "Animals" Sec. 4-22 "Fees and penalties" subsection (b) re: any dog not licensed for the previous year will need to pay for a previous year’s license as well as the late fee of $10.00
COV 2019-072 (PDF)

4/23/2019Amend GCO Ch. 22 "Traffic and Motor Vehicles", Sec. 22-269 "Stop Intersections" by adding: Hillside Road at its intersection with Grapevine Road
COV 2019-073 (PDF)

Amend GCO Ch. 20 "Shellfish, Seaworms and Eels" Sec. 20-26(a) "Permit to take eels generally; restrictions as to traps; Fyke nets prohibited" by DELETING the words, "six inches" and inserting the words, "nine inches" in their place.
COV 2019-092 (PDF)

6/11/2019Amend GCO Ch. 22 "Traffic and Motor Vehicles", Sec. 22-281 "Ten-Minute Parking" by DELETING, "Angle Street, southerly side, beginning at a point 42 feet from its intersection with Middle Street for a distance of 22 feet in an easterly direction".
COV 2019-093 (PDF)

6/11/2019Amend GCO Ch. 22 "Traffic and Motor Vehicles" Art. II, Division 2 "Traffic Commission" by ADDING new Sec. 22-38 "Commissions authority to approve stop intersections"
COV 2019-094 (PDF)

6/25/2019Amend GCO Ch. 2 "Administration" Div. 8 "Human Rights Commission"
COV 2019-118 (PDF)

Amend GCO Appendix A and B of Appendix C of the Personnel Ordinance
COV 2019-119 (PDF)

Amend GCO Ch. 20 "Shellfish, Seaworms and Eels" Sec. 4 "Area set aside for noncommercial taking of shellfish" by DELETING the phrase "No. 10 nun buoy" and ADD in its place "No. 11 can buoy"
COV 2019-120 (PDF)

Amend GCO Ch. 2 "Administration" Art. V "Boards, Commissions, Councils and Committees" by ADDING a new Division 18 entitled, "Dogtown Preservation Commission"
COV 2019-121 (PDF)

Amend GCO Ch. 22 "Traffic and Motor Vehicles" Sec. 22-292 "Fire Lanes" re: Horton Street
COV 2019-122 (PDF)

Acceptance of MGL Ch. 64G, Sec. 3D(a)COV 2019-134 (PDF)

8/27/2019Acceptance of MGL Ch. 64G, Sec. 3D(b)COV 2019-135 (PDF)

9/24/2019Amend GCO Ch. 9 "Trash, Recycling and Litter" by ADDING Article III "Prohibition on Single Use Plastic Straw, Stir Stick & Hotstopper"
COV 2019-161 (PDF)

Making permanent the amendments to GCO Ch. 4 "Animals," Sec. 4-16a "Dogs allowed on public beaches at certain times" as voted by City Council on February 26, 2019
COV 2019-162 (PDF)

Notice of Adoption of Loan Order 2020-004: Downtown paving and parking meters in the amount of $2,500,000
Loan Order 2020-004

Amend GCO Ch. 21 "Streets, Sidewalks and Other Public Places" Art. V "West Gloucester Firing Range"
COV 2020-068

Amend GCO Ch. 2 "Administration," Art. V "Boards, Commissions, Council and Committees" by DELETING Division 7 "Downtown Development Commission"
COV 2020-069

Amend GCO Ch. 22 "Traffic and Motor Vehicles" Art. II, Div. 2 "Traffic Commission" Sec. 22-32 "Composition; appointment; terms of members"
COV 2020-076