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Compiled by the Gloucester Archive Committee and Archive Volunteers, the following resources are intended to facilitate the study of various subjects relating to Gloucester’s history.

Early Gloucester History

Names and Property of Early Settlers of Gloucester, 1642-1715

Volume 1 (PDF) / Volume 2 (PDF)

Land Grants, Lanes Cove to Sandy Bay, 1687-1688 (PDF)

Gloucester, Massachusetts Warnings Out, 1705-1834 (PDF)

Warnings Out were recorded when a person moved to the town of Gloucester, MA. Warnings Out provides information regarding the names of the new town residents, their place of origin, date of arrival in town and/or the date that the warning out was recorded.

Gloucester Deeds located at the Registry of Deeds in Salem, Massachusetts

Extracts of Gloucester Deeds, 1659-1775 (PDF), listed chronologically

Extracts of Gloucester Deeds, 1659-1775 (PDF), listed alphabetically by Grantee

Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1776 (PDF)

Cape Ann Sailors and Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War, 1775-1782 (PDF)

 Apprentices, Indentures, and Illegitimate Children

Gloucester Apprentices During the Eighteenth Century (PDF)

Indentured Children, 1739-1852 (PDF)

Illegitimate Births in Gloucester, MA, 1855-1894 (PDF)

People and Vessels Lost at Sea 

Vessels Lost at Sea and Vessels That Lost Men at Sea, 1703-1873 (PDF)

Deaths at Sea Before 1873: Addendum to Fishermen’s Memorial and Record Book (PDF)

Gloucester and Cape Ann Cemeteries

Early Cemetery Gravestone Inscriptions

Volume 1: (PDF) First Parish Burial Ground

Volume 2: (PDF) Bay View, Lanesville, Unitarian Church, Universalist Church, West Gloucester

Volume 3: (PDF) Folly Cove, Rockport

Gloucester and Rockport Burials 1711-1898 (PDF), includes inscriptions on gravestones

Gloucester Buildings and Architecture

Building Removals, 1874-1983 (PDF) is an inventory of the relocation of buildings in Gloucester. Information includes the street the building was moved from, where it was relocated, the name of the mover, the date it was moved, the owner of the property, any additional notes regarding the property or the move, and the source of the information. The list is arranged in three different ways: 1. Chronologically (PDF)

2. Alphabetical - Moved From (PDF)

3. Alphabetical - Moved To (PDF)

Indexes to Items and Collections at the City Archives

Index to Maps and Plans of Gloucester and Cape Ann, Mass., 1786-1997, undated (PDF)

Index to City Manager’s Files, 1954-1971 (PDF)

Index to Town Records Book II, 1692-1816 (PDF)

Historical Gleanings from the Gloucester Archives

A series of articles published in the The Essex Genealogist relating to Gloucester history. Volume includes: (PDF)

1. "Tools of the Trade - Gloucester Records," by John C. Reilly, May 1991

2. "Slavery in Gloucester, Massachusetts during the Colonials Period," by John C. Reilly, August 1992

3. "Jacob Lurvey’s Apprenticeship Paper in ’Gloucester Records,’" by John C. Reilly, February 1993

4. "’Warnings Out’ in Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1705-1792," by John C. Reilly, May & August, 1993

5. "Moments in History," by Edith M. Sparling, May 1993

6. "GAR Blacklist," by Priscilla O. Kippen-Smith, August 1993

7. "Gloucester Apprenticeship Papers, 1739-1852," by John C. Reilly, May, August & November, 1994

8. "Naturalization Records Added to Gloucester Archives," by John C. Reilly, November 1995

9. "Suffrage in Gloucester, Massachusetts before 1920," by Priscilla O. Kippen-Smith, November 1995

Gloucester Veterans of World War II

A list of the men and women who served in World War II including their name, branch of service, birth date, and source of the information. Gloucester Veterans of World War II (PDF) complete list.

Abbreviations of source material:

  • A, N, M, MM2 - Service Branch
  • CD - City Directory
  • F - Flicker photo or scrapbook
  • GT - Gloucester Daily Times
  • GT2 - second reference in Gloucester Daily Times
  • H - High School scrapbook
  • M - Moose list
  • T - Trinity list
  • V - Adjutant General Veteran’s list
  • W - Ward lists

Veteran Memorials in the City of Gloucester

The following information about the Veteran Memorials in Gloucester was compiled by Karen Andrews of the Gloucester Engineering Department in 2008. Each entry includes historical information about the memorial and color photographs of the memorial. For the complete volume, arranged alphabetically view Veterans Memorials (PDF).

Revolutionary War

Civil War

Spanish-American War

World War I 

World War II

Korean War

Vietnam War

Operation Enduring Freedom

Multiple Campaigns and Veterans of Past, Present, and Future