Dogtown Preservation Commission



The mission of the Dogtown Preservation Commission (DPC) is to assist Cape Ann municipalities in developing and undertaking a comprehensive restoration, management, and stewardship plan for Dogtown.

With its diverse landscapes and habitats, historical and archaeological features, open space and recreational opportunities, and critical role as the watershed for our water supply, Dogtown is a unique and irreplaceable natural resource and cultural heritage. We believe that Dogtown should be permanently preserved, protected, and maintained for the public benefit.

The DPC undertakes - but is not limited to - the following activities:

  • Review and evaluate past and present data and recommendations for Dogtown to develop a comprehensive plan for fulfilling the mission.
  • Define and map the boundaries of Dogtown Common and Greater Dogtown including the status of all parcels and jurisdictions, and update trail maps.
  • Coordinate activities among municipalities and private sector organizations on behalf of Dogtown; for example: to improve security; maintain fire roads, trails, and signs; restore landscapes; and preserve cultural and historical features.
  • Apply for grants and develop revenue streams to support conservation, preservation, restoration, and educational projects in Dogtown for the use and enjoyment of future generations.
  • Research and disseminate information about Dogtown to residents and visitors through public outreach and develop programs and opportunities for educational experiences and recreational activities.

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The DPC is an ad-hoc committee with a fluid membership including both core members and liaison members from other committees, communities, and organizations that have a stake in the future of Dogtown. Membership is by invitation or interest, but meetings (at 7 pm on the third Wednesday of each month in City Hall) are open to everyone.

First NameLast Name
AddressExpiration 764-885094 Wheeler Street2/14/2023 430-092010 Dennis Street2/14/2023
(978) 283-572567 Perkins Street2/14/2023
Leslie 696-474067 Riverview Road2/14/2022 325-5600DPW DirectorN/A 325-5230Conservation AgentN/A