Cemetery List


Caution: The Cemetery is not handicapped accessible, and the terrain is uneven.  As a participant of the cemetery tour, you agree to waive, release and hold harmless the City of Gloucester from any claims, damages, and causes of action arising out of your participation in the cemetery tour given by the City of Gloucester or taken as a self-guided tour.

City-owned Cemetery Advisories Committee states, "Burial grounds are a place of honored history.  The condition of the gravestones is a result of time and the effects of weathering.  Preserve these sites for future generations by treating them with respect.  Please do not sit or lean on the gravestones."

Rubbings are not allowed. Do not remove stones. Do not lean on the stones. Report issues a committee member located on this home page. Open dawn to dusk.

The following is a list of all city-owned cemeteries in Gloucester.

  1. Bay View Cemetery, established in 1728, is between 903 - 919 Washington St. and the third oldest cemetery.
  2. Beechbrook Cemeteryis an active cemetery that dates back to 1878.  The cemetery is at 401 Essex Avenue.  Beechbrook contains the "fisherman rest" section, established by John Hays Hammond, and the City's Veteran section.
  3. Bray Street Cemetery, established in 1820, is located at 379 Essex Avenue.
  4. Cherry Hill Cemetery This Cemetery dates to 1865.  It is located at 13-19 Marsh Street, adjacent to Addison Gilbert Hospital.
  5. Clark cemetery, adjacent to First Parish Burial Ground off Centennial Ave established in 1835.  Located in the back of First Parish Burial Ground.  It is only accessible by walking through First Parish.  Here may be found many of Gloucester's Civil War veterans.
  6. Cove Hill Cemetery Cove Hill, or the Old Lanesville Cemetery, was established in 1720.  It is located at the rear of 1052 Washington St., about 5 miles from the junction of Rte. 127 and 128 in Lanesville.  This cemetery has been restored and is beautiful and tranquil and has terrific examples of gravestones dating from 1729.
  7. Dolliver Memorial Cemetery This Cemetery was established in 1996 and is located at 13-15 Lincoln St., off Essex Avenue.
  8. First Parish First Parish Cemetery, Also known as Bridge Street, dates to 1644 and is located at 122 Centennial Avenue.  Located off Centennial Ave. is the city's oldest cemetery.  Established in 1644, it was at the center of the earliest settlement on Cape Ann.  It was located next to the Meeting House, long since gone.  There are approximately 300 stones in the yard, most in very bad condition.  The earliest dated stone is 1711.  The last burial in the yard was in 1925.
  9. Magnolia Cemetery was established in 1850 and is located in the Magnolia section of the city at 61 Magnolia Avenue.
  10. Prospect Street Cemetery Dating back to 1837, this cemetery is located at 18-22 Prospect St.
  11. Seaside Cemetery This is an active cemetery established in 1900.  It is located at 94 Langsford Street in the Lanesville section of Gloucester.
  12. Second Parish Cemetery was established in 1720 and is located off Concord Street.  It is a difficult 1/8th of a mile walk into the woods and is hard to find.  You will see some old headstones on the left, just over a stone wall.  Few stones remain, and most are located in West Gloucester Trinitarian church.
  13. Sumner Street Cemetery Established in 1850, this cemetery is located at 42 Sumner Street, off Essex Avenue. 

Private Cemeteries

  1. Calvary Cemetery This Cemetery was established in 1890 and is owned by the Catholic Church.  It is located at 151 Eastern Avenue.
  2. Mt. Adnah Cemetery This Cemetery, formally known as "Jakes Hill," consists of 5.12 acres purchased by Annisquam Village members as a burial ground in 1848.  The first person buried was David Lane, who died in 1848.  Adnah was selected because the Hebrew translation means "rest or testimony eternal." The cemetery was incorporated in 1860, and in 1890, the Annisquam & Bay View Civil War monument was dedicated to the Bay View and Annisquam men who served in the Civil War from 1861-1865. Nine men from Bay View lost their lives in the Civil War, and their names are inscribed on the monument.
  3. Mt. Jacob Cemetery This Jewish Cemetery was established in 1913 on Fernald Rd. near 493 Essex Avenue.
  4. Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Mt. Pleasant is a 19th-century cemetery located at 25 Mt. Pleasant Avenue.
  5. Oak Grove Cemetery Established in 1855, this cemetery is located at 177 Washington Street.
  6. Oak Hill Cemetery This cemetery is owned by the Catholic Church and is located at 45 Poplar Street.  
  7. Proctor Family Cemetery is located next to 488 Essex Avenue.
  8. Proctor Universalist Cemetery Universalist Burial Ground Located at R. 25 Church Street.
  9. Washington Cemetery Established in 1839.  It is located at 108 Western Avenue.
  10. Wesleyan Cemetery Located at 15 Wesleyan Street, off of Wheeler Street, this cemetery was established in 1865.

New England Historic Genealogical Society provides a database for researchers.  The contact person there is Sam Sturgis.

Note: The Sawyer Free Library, Gloucester Archive, and Cape Ann Historical Museum all have copies of the Project CDs as well as hard copies of the inventories, complete with photographs of the stones and markers.