Tides And Water Information


Tides, Currents, and Safety in the water require knowing the tidal activity and water temperature:

NOAA’s Tides and Currents Chart

Gloucester Tide Information

Gloucester Water Temperatures

beaches-rip current.jpgDepending upon the weather and currents, you may encounter rip tides (it is for this reason that flotation devices are not allowed). View the public service announcement on Rip Currents. Be alert. 

If you identify a possible rip tide, do the following:

  • Exit shallow water if you feel a rip current 
  • Remain calm (learning what rip tides are and how to swim out of them is key)
  • Call for help if you are a poor swimmer 
  • Swim parallel to shore to escape the current 
  • Conserve energy when necessary
  • Swim diagonally toward the shore

Water Quality Testing 

Gloucester beaches are tested regularly during the summer season (June through September) for bacterial contamination. Our beaches consistently test safe for swimming. View the Massachusetts Beach Testing Results.

Visit Massachusetts State Website to view the State of Massachusetts Minimum Standards for Bathing Beaches.

Being aware, alert, and safe will make your day at the beach a wonderful experience.