Harbor Plan Committee

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2014 Harbor Plan Committee

  • Rick Noonan, Chairman, representative from Planning Board
  • Paul McGeary, Vice-Chairman
  • Greg Verga, representative from City Council
  • Paul Vitale, representative from Fisheries Commission
  • Robert Gillis, representative from Waterways Board
  • Jeff Amero
  • Marcy Pregent
  • Ann Molloy
  • Mike Potter
  • Steve Cefalo

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to Harbor Plan meetings.
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Meeting results are also available.
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Development of the 2014 Harbor Plan

The Harbor Plan Committee has met monthly from November, 2012 to June, 2014 in the development of the 2014 Harbor Plan.

The initial six months of meetings included:

  • A review of the 2009 Plan and its recommendations.
  • Presentation of outcomes from the 2009 Plan.
  • Meetings with the Fisheries Commission, the Waterways Board, and the Maritime Economy Working Partnership.
  • Briefing from Coastal Zone Management on the Designated Port Area regulations.
  • Briefing from Coastal Zone Management on the Municipal Harbor Plan process.
  • Briefing from the Harbor Planning Director on proposed scope for Plan.

The scope for the 2014 HP is the development of an economic strategic plan, accompanied by a proposed regulatory and institutional framework that will support reinvestment in waterfront properties.

In August 2013, a consultant team led by Ninigret Partners, in partnership with utile and Durand & Anastas, was selected to accomplish these objectives.

The process and presentations that are informing the 2014 Harbor Plan may be found on the city’s Harbor Plan webpage.