Welcome Team

Formerly called the Senior Center Advisory Board, this stimulating group of coordinators led by Sam and MaryAgnes Randazza, renamed themselves using the acronym of WELCOME to now become the Senior Center "WELCOME TEAM".

  • W.... we invite
  • E..... everyone to
  • L..... lift up your thoughts and ideas to
  • C..... coordinate enjoyable times
  • O......offer help and advice to
  • M..... make the Rose Baker Senior Center
  • E..... exciting and enticing place for all seniors to congregate, socialize, and welcome new friends.

This team is now setting up four committees to help Plan....Organize... and Execute

  1. Day Trips and Tours
  2. Holiday parties and decorating
  3. Fund-raising event (fairs, sidewalk days, bake sales, raffles, etc.)
  4. Social Activities (pot luck luncheons and dinners, evening dance parties, entertainment, etc.) They invite and WELCOME other seniors to come and support their efforts; join this exciting group because they plan to have many good times.

Contact Us
For more information about the WELCOME Team, please contact the Rose Baker Senior Center at (978) 325-5800.