Mariner's Medal Committee

mariners medal


The Committee was created by City ordinance sections 2-450 to 2-454; its purpose is to establish and seek to maintain high standards for the awarding of a mariner’s medal to any person or persons performing an act of heroism and extraordinary seamanship on the high seas. The committee recommends to the City Council the awarding of the Mariner’s Medal to such person or persons as the committee deems deserving.

The Committee consists of 5 members, each serving a 4-year term.


First NameLast NameAddressTelephoneTitleTo Expire
Mayor GregVergaCity Hall(978) 281-9700Ex-Officio
ThomasCiarametaroHarbormaster(978) 282-3012Ex-Officio
Capt. ArthurSawyer, Jr.368 Concord Street

ThomasEllis5 Old Bray Street(978) 869-3170
StefanEdick737 Western Avenue(757) 469-1903