Council on Aging

The Gloucester Council on Aging (COA) was established by City Ordinance in 1959 as a department of the municipal government with a goal of identifying, addressing, and serving the needs of Gloucester’s older residents.

The mission of the COA is to serve as a focal point where seniors and their families can access the local and state network of elder services while providing an integrated array of social, health, recreational, and educational programs for older men and women.

The Council on Aging identifies and serves the needs of older adults in our community by developing and implementing programs and activities and coordinating services to fulfill identified needs. The Rose Baker Senior Center serves as a home-away-from home for many older adults. 

Our newsletter "Coastline News" each month, offers information about ongoing, new and "Never Stop Learning" programs and services, including art programs, educational, recreational, wellness, social, nutritional, exercise, daily meals, computer learning including social media and cell phones, health and health insurance needs assistance, medical appointments and other transportation needs.   

Our dedicated staff includes:

  • Elise Sinagra, Director of Elder Services
  • Julie Smith, Outreach Coordinator
  • Natalia Moccia, Activities & Volunteer Coordinator
  • Juni Van Dyke, Art Program Coordinator
  • Michael Feeney, Senior Clerk
  • Jennifer-Lee Levitz, Video Production Coordinator
  • S.C.S.E.P. staff member Denne DeCoste.

Accommodation of programs and services, safety and security, overall comfort and convenience, and long-term availability are the principal areas of concern relative to a senior center facility.

The COA is governed by a COA Board of Directors.

The Grand Opening and Dedication Ceremony for the Rose Baker Senior Center was held May 12, 2001. Gloucester’s Senior Center was named to honor the memory of the first Chairperson of the Gloucester Council on Aging. Rose was an active leader in many organizations and initiatives focused on the needs of the elderly. She worked tirelessly in community services on behalf of Gloucester’s seniors and for the welfare of older people everywhere. Her primary goal, after convincing the City of the need for the Council’s first Executive Director, was to obtain a permanent senior center for Gloucester.