Open Space & Recreation Committee

The Open Space and Recreation Committee consists of 7 members, each serving a 3-year terms. It was formulated to create and implement an Open Space and Recreation Plan for the City which will: 

  1. Ensure the existence, smart use, and access to open space in perpetuity
  2. Ensure that contiguous areas, functions, and values that depend on them are maintained
  3. Propose a process for agreements with abutters with shared use/conservation interests for enhancing open space
  4. Recommend planned city growth and business development in a way that fully contemplates and strives to maintain the functions, values, uses, and vision for open space in Gloucester 
  5. Establish a criteria and process for ceding open space to development or dedicated use
  6. Promote awareness and use of open spaces through a descriptive inventory of open spaces


  • Open Space and Recreation Committee meetings are open to the public and scheduled on an as needed basis. 
  • Meetings are currently held in-person and meeting details will be posted 48 hours in advance under Public Notices on the City's website.  

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meeting.
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Meeting results are available, following approval.
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Open Space & Recreation Committee Staff  and Consultants 

To speak with the Open Space & Recreation Committee’s professional staff in the City's Planning Division, please call (978) 325-5230 or email

Open Space and Recreation Plan 

The Open Space & Recreation Committee has completed the 2022 Open Space and Recreation Plan The public is encouraged to attend the Open Space & Recreation Committee meetings for updates on the implementation of the plan.