Open Space & Recreation Committee

The Open Space and Recreation Committee consists of 7 members, each serving a 3-year terms. It was formulated to create and implement an Open Space and Recreation Plan for the City which will: 

  1. Ensure the existence, smart use, and access to open space in perpetuity
  2. Ensure that contiguous areas, functions, and values that depend on them are maintained
  3. Propose a process for agreements with abutters with shared use/conservation interests for enhancing open space
  4. Recommend planned city growth and business development in a way that fully contemplates and strives to maintain the functions, values, uses, and vision for open space in Gloucester 
  5. Establish a criteria and process for ceding open space to development or dedicated use
  6. Promote awareness and use of open spaces through a descriptive inventory of open spaces


  • Open Space and Recreation Committee meetings are open to the public and scheduled on an as needed basis. Meeting details will be posted 48 hours in advance under Public Notices on the City's website. 
  • Currently all meetings are being conducted in-person. Meetings are typically held at City Hall in the First Floor Conference Room.  Please refer to the most updated agenda for final meeting location. 
  • Previously held virtual meetings have been recorded. Go to Past Remote Public Meetings on the City's website to view.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meeting.
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Meeting results are available, following approval.
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Open Space and Recreation Plan 

The Open Space & Recreation Committee has completed the 2022 Open Space and Recreation Plan The public is encouraged to attend the Open Space & Recreation Committee meetings for updates on the implementation of the plan.