Open Space and Recreation Plan

In 2020 the City of Gloucester began planning for an update to the City's previous 2011-2017 Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP). Gloucester's Open Space and Recreation Plan is a tool through which a community plans for the future of its conservation and recreation resources. It allows a municipality to plan for the protection and management of “green infrastructure” of water supply, land, working farms and forests, viable wildlife habitats, parks, recreation areas, trails, and greenways with the same importance as is placed on planning for schools, roads, water, and wastewater infrastructure. OSRPs are informed by a thorough public participation process and reflect the needs of its community members. The City's Open Space & Recreation Committee oversees the development of a the City's OSRP, with the assistance of staff from the Community Development Department and consulting support from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC).  

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