Gloucester By The Numbers

Current Gloucester Cases:

Report Date As of September 26, 2023

Novel Coronavirus Confirmed Cases: 26

Novel Coronavirus  Probable Cases: 36

Gloucester's percent positivity rate is 6.88%

Number of tests in the last two weeks: 189

Report date: 9/21/2023

MA State positivity rate: 11.85%

As advised by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the City of Gloucester is no longer conducting contact tracing. If you were to test positive for COVID-19 or are in close contact with an individual recently diagnosed with COVID-19, please refer to the MDPH and CDC guidelines below for COVID-19 isolation and quarantine. If you have additional questions, please call the Gloucester Public Health Department at (978) 325-5266. For information on cases please visit: COVID Information.

Total Population with an Updated (Bivalent) Booster Dose

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