Human Rights Commission

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The Human Rights Commissions purpose shall be to:

(1) Improve the life of city by enlisting individuals and community-based groups in educational programs and campaigns to increase mutual self-respect, harmonious intergroup relations and the peaceful enjoyment of life in our diverse community;

(2) Assist persons in the city who believe that their human or civil rights, as defined by existing local, commonwealth and federal law, have been violated in the city, by offering voluntary and independent mediation for all parties concerned in a confidential setting, and informing such people of the local, commonwealth and federal agencies available to address their grievances; and..."

(3) Work with all city departments, including the school department, commissions and boards, to increase compliance with appropriate local, commonwealth and federal laws and to raise the level of awareness and sensitivity to human rights issues in municipal business with the public. 

 We, the members of the Gloucester’s Human Rights Commission, stand in solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander community. We join the nation in mourning the killing of the eight people in Atlanta, six of whom were Asian women. These targeted acts of violence have no place in our society, and their reverberations can be felt in every community. Everyone should have the right to feel – and be – safe from hate, and safe from violence. 

As the Human Rights Commission, we are committed to protecting the human rights of every citizen of Gloucester, through education, knowledge, and support. We ask everyone in our community to call out hate, in all its forms. Together, can we build a world free of hate. 



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