New Animal & Beach Regulations Protecting Piping Plovers

New Animal & Beach Regulations

New Animal & Beach Regulations protecting Piping Plovers, their nests & chicks including No Dogs are permitted on Good Harbor Beach during nesting season (April- October).

Piping Plovers are protected under the US Endangered Species Act. No one shall "take" endangered birds- i.e. harass, harm, pursue, hunt, wound, kill, capture, or collect.... FEDERAL PENALTIES up to $25,000 apply!

Gloucester Ordinance Sec 4-2 and 4-3 enacted March 2019 - $300 Fine Per Violation

GCO Sec 4-2:No Feeding or Disturbing Wildlife: No person shall disturb, harass, harbor or feed directly or indirectly gulls, waterfowl or crows on any beach, or other public property..... $300 fine.

GCO Sec 4-3: Endangered/Threatened Wildlife Buffer Zone: Buffer zone of 50 feet around an area established designated as protected for wildlife. Prohibited activities in the buffer zone include wiffle ball, frisbee, soccer, volleyball, paddle ball, kites, inflatable balls and any other activities that involve objects that can fly or roll into the restricted area.....$300 fine.

Gloucester Ordinance Section 9-8 Littering. $300 Fine Per Violation

GCO Sec 9-8:

Littering prohibited: No person shall throw, drop, release or otherwise dispose of directly or indirectly into any harbor, river or pond or on to any beach garbage, refuse, rubbish, bottles, cans, containers, paper, cigarette butts, balloons, filth or noxious material..... $300 fine.