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Storm: Primary Damage Assessment

Primary Damage Assessment Survey

March 2 - 4, 2018 Winter Storm Riley Damage Self-Reporting

Self-reporting is primarily conducted at the local level to develop primary damage information. Reporting may use one or more intake systems including phone banks, web-based surveys, paper surveys, forms and mobile applications. These methods can all be an efficient way to gather damage information from residents and businesses when damage is not easily seen, a large number of homes and/or businesses are damaged or when damage is extremely widespread across the community. Preliminary damage information gathered through self-reporting methods may need to be verified by local assessment teams before final assessments are delivered to the State.

Winter Storm Riley Reporting Primary Damage Assessment (PDA) Process

In an attempt to streamline the PDA process for residents and businesses, self-reporting via an online survey has been created (https://stormdamage.questionpro.com). This will establish a baseline estimate of damage resulting from Winter Storm Riley, March 2-4 2018. This applies to all residential and business properties damaged or losses suffered during Winter Storm Riley. Printed forms will be available in the Mayor’s Office and other designated areas across the City, through City Councilors and/or placed at sites to be announced. Paper forms will only be collected at the Mayor’s office.

Please do not assume a submission will result in any type of reimbursement for losses from local, state or federal officials and agencies. You should maintain complete records (pictures, quotes, estimates, receipts, etc.) for your personal use and for any follow up with insurance companies, agencies such as MEMA or FEMA. The City of Gloucester is offering using this survey as a tool to aid local, state and federal officials in the Primary Damage Assessment process only.

The City of Gloucester accepts no liability and provides no assurances for cost recovery from damages and losses caused by Winter Storm Riley. Updates on this process will be provided to the community as they are received from state and federal sources.

Thorough and accurate reporting using this survey tool is a critical assessment step and greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Gloucester Emergency Management

Gloucester PDA Survey Link: https://stormdamage.questionpro.com

For More Information or Updates, Please Visit: www.Gloucester-MA.gov

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