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Paul G. Keane, P.E.
City Engineer

Ryan M. Marques, M.S.C.E., E.I.T
Assistant City Engineer

Karen L. Andrews
Senior Engineering Aide

City Hall Annex
3 Pond Road
Gloucester, MA  01930

Ph: (978) 325-5335

Monday thru Wednesday 8am to 4pm
Thursday 8am to 6:30 pm
Friday 8am to 12:30pm

Engineering is a Division of the City of Gloucester Department of Public Works. The Engineering Division is led by the City Engineer who reports to the Director of Public Works.  Engineering provides assistance to other DPW Divisions, as well as other City Departments (such as Inspectional Services, Conservation, Planning, Fire, Police, etc.) on an as requested basis.  Our principal duties involve Drainage & Grading Plan Reviews; coordination of GIS efforts associated with DPW operations, particularly water and sewer; and archival oversight of infrastructure related plans and records. Research assistance is provided to the public on street layouts, sanitary sewer lines and storm drains, field surveys, bench marks, street histories, and other infrastructure related questions.


Please Do Not Call Engineering if you are having water or sewer service problems – we have no operational role in system maintenance.

If you are having an emergency or problem with your STEP Sewer System please call 1-800-499-9070, the STEP Service Vendor’s call center.

If you are having a problem or other emergency associated with your City-owned Grinder Sewerage Pump, please contact the call center for the Grinder Pump Service Vendor at 1-800-499-9070.

If you are having other operational issues with water or sewer service, please contact the Department of Public Works (DPW) Utilities Division at 978-281-9785.  

Outside of normal business hours, call the Gloucester Police at 978-283-1212, and they will page the DPW’s on-call staff person.

Permits for connections to City Utilities, for Street Openings, or for Curb-Cuts are administered by the DPW at 978-281-9785 – DPW Office, 28 Poplar Street, Gloucester, MA 01930.

For other City Utility concerns during business hours contact the DPW Utilities Division at 978-281-9785.

In the case of water quality issues please contact the DPW Water Compliance Office at 978-281-9792.

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