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Community Preservation Committee
Debbie Laurie
CPA Project Manager

3 Pond Road
City Hall Annex
Gloucester, MA  01930

Ph: (978) 282-8004
Fx: (978) 282-3035

Monday - Wednesday 8:00 - 4:00
Thursday, 8:00 - 4:00
Friday, 8:00 - 12:30
2016 CPA Application Schedule
The 2016 CPA Funding Round will take place according to the following schedule:
Project Eligibility Forms due    02/29/2016
  Completed Applications due     04/15/2016
  Estimated Project Award         November/December 2016

  • PUBLIC NOTICES                                                                                                          

Visit Community Preservation Coalition website for helpful information about CPA: www.communitypreservation.org

2016 CPA Applications

North Shore CDC - Harbor Village Part 1
North Shore CDC - Harbor Village Part 2
North Shore CDC - Harbor Village Part 3
CAARA - Wheeler School House & GFD Riverdale Hose Co. No.2
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Assoc. - Civil War Monument
Generous Gardeners & DPW - Stacy Boulevard
Stage Fort Park Advisory Cmte & DPW - Welcome Center Restoration
Stage Fort Park, Com. Dev. - Stage Fort Park Beautification
City Clerk's Office - Archives Initial Storage, Phase I
Annisquam Association - Deluge 8 Firehouse
Oak Grove Cemetery - Restoration, Phase II
Magnolia Historical Society - Schoolhouse, Electrical
Gloucester Committee for the Arts - WPA era Murals Restoration
Historic New England, Beauport Museum - Roof projects
Historic New England, Beauport Museum - Roof Project Attachments
Sargent House Museum - Restoration of Museum Porch, Granite Step, Retaining Wall & Signs
Manship Artist Residence & Studios - Cultivating an Historic Landscape
Gloucester Writers Center - Maud/Olson Library & GWC Archives
Maritime Gloucester - Marine Railway Restoration
Burnham's Field - Bringing Back Burnham's Field, Phase II

Community Preservation Awards:   
To see a list of all projects which have received awards from the Community Preservation Committee follow this link to the Community Preservation Coalition website.

Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are available prior to CPC meetings.
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Minutes are available upon approval of the CPC.
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The Community Preservation Act

The Community Preservation Act, M.G.L. Chapter 44B, was adopted by the Legislature and signed into law in September 2000. The CPA allows any city or town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to adopt a property tax surcharge of up to 3%, the revenues from which are matched by State funds.The combined funding from these two sources is used for the following purposes:
  • Acquire, create and preserve open space; and rehabilitate and restore open space if acquired or created with CPA funds
  • Acquire, preserve, rehabilitate and restore historic resources
  • Acquire, create, and preserve land for recreation use; and rehabilitate and restore land for recreational use (new as of 7/8/2012). 
  • Acquire, create, preserve, and support community housing; and rehabilitate and restore community housing acquired or created with CPA funds

    Each fiscal year, at least 10% of the revenues in the Community Preservation Plan must be spent or set aside for open space (excluding recreational uses), 10% for historic preservation, and 10% for community housing.  Up to 5% may be spent on administration. The remaining 70% of funds may be allocated to any one or a combination of the three main uses, including public recreational purposes.

    The CPA in Gloucester

    By popular vote in the fall of 2008, the citizens of Gloucester adopted a 1% surcharge to be spent in accordance with the provisions of the Community Preservation Act.


    The nine member Community Preservation Committee (CPC) was then established In accordance with the terms of the Act. The CPC consists of four members at-large and one representative each from the Historic Commission, the Conservation Commission, the Housing Authority, the Planning Board, and Parks and Recreation.


      Catherine Schlichte, Co Chair, At-Large 14 Pleasant Street 2/14/18
      Barbara Silberman, At-Large    2/14/18
      Bill Dugan, Co Chair, Housing Authority, 
      15 Cherry Street 
      John Feener, Conservation Commission
      45B Warner Street 2/14/18
      Henry McCarl, Planning Board
      28 Old Nugent Farms 2/14/17
      David Rhinelander, Historical Commission
      16 Pine Street
      Heide Wakeman, Open Space & Recreational Cmte
      Ellen Preston, At-Large
      Scott Smith, At-Large
      12 Grapevine Rd.

      The mission of the Community Preservation Committee is to study the needs of the City of Gloucester in cooperation with various city boards, departments, organizations, and citizens and to solicit and evaluate proposals for the use of Community Preservation Act funds for the maximum benefit to the City of Gloucester. The CPC will recommend to the City Council those projects which it deems will best achieve the purpose of the Community Preservation Act legislation in the areas of open space, historic preservation, affordable housing and recreation.


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