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Committee for the Arts

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DEADLINE MAY 22, 2014!
Please click here for a PDF for the 2014 Poet Laureate Call for Applications

About the Gloucester Committee for the Arts (CFTA)

Made up of citizen volunteers appointed by the Mayor and City Council, the Committee 
for the Arts (CFTA) was established by City ordinance in 2000 to promote and celebrate 
Gloucester’s cultural heritage and to foster an appreciation of arts and artists in 
the local community. The Committee works to preserve and increase awareness of 
Gloucester’s WPA-era murals and other city-owned art. Additionally, the Committee 
develops and promotes educational programs and establishes awards and honors 
to recognize local artists. The committee works with other city departments to shape 
and implement a city-wide public art policy. The Committee advises City officials on 
the value of a diverse, cultural life as well as encourages art programs within public schools.  

City Owned Art and Public Art in Gloucester, MA


Year round, when City Hall is open, make time to see Gloucester's beautifully painted
and detailed WPA-era murals. We are fortunate to have such holdings and it’s so important
to preserve this part of history. 
The CFTA is grateful that Mayor Kirk and the City continue
to invest in our City’s arts and culture. Before any restoration work could begin, and
despite the challenging economic period, the CFTA secured strategic funding over a period
of several years via grants and with the generosity of individuals and foundations including:  
the Belinda Foundation at the Boston Foundation, seARTS/Massachusetts Cultural Council,
the City of Gloucester CPA funding, and the Bruce J. Anderson Foundation.
Thank you for this support!

20130921_181632.jpg  cruz ferreras.bmp 
"Leaping" photograph © Cruz Ferreras
Experience FISH NET 2013, a new site specific temporary work of art
by James Owen Calderwood, one of three artists to receive an award
for the "2013 HarborWalk Public Art Challenge". His nearly 300' mural
covers Parsons Street (between Main Street and Rogers) and is open
daily, self guided. Send us your photos!

Public Artworks in Need

There are approximately objects in the collection. The City of Gloucester allocated $5000
towards the CFTA for fiscal year 2013. If you would like to join the effort to care for the
irreplaceable City art-- including the historic murals-- and the work of the CFTA,
contributions in support of our City art can me mailed to:

 The Gloucester Fund
45 Middle Street
Gloucester, MA 01930
Be sure to put "Committee for the Arts" on the memo line of the check.

Civic Art Collection and Public Art Documents
--coming soon--
Revised City Ordinance 2012
Memorial Bench
Proposed Gifts of Artwork
Sample artist contract: Public Art
PDF 2013 HarborWalk Public Art Challenge (closed)
FAQs Public Art 

CFTA Photos click here

CFTA Poet Laureate 

Gloucester's current Poet Laureate is Ruthanne Collinson, 4 year term (July 2010-2014)
Look for her community outreach "My View" columns in the Gloucester Daily Times
March, 2014, GDT 
September 14, 2013, GDT
July 30, 2013, GDT
June 28, 2013, GDT 
May 22, 2013, GDT
April 17, 2013, GDT April is National Poetry Month
February 2013, GDT
January 2013, GDT

April, 2012 GDT.jpg 
April 6, 2012 exam
ple of poet laureate and youth outreach:
This Gloucester Daily Times photograph captures the excitement of a
poetry program at East Gloucester Elementary School that featured
Gloucester Poet Laureate, Ruthanne Collinson along with Young Audiences
of Massachusetts performer David Zucker and Gloucester author/artist
Pat Lowery Collins for a dazzling celebration of poetry. Children were also
reminded to write or find a poem to bring and share on National Poem in
Your Pocket Day. The program was supported in part by a grant from the
Gloucester Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the 
Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, and on behalf of the City
of Gloucester, the Committee for the Arts, and the PTO. Ms. Collinson
attended West Parish! There is also annual youth outreach for poetry--
the poet laureate
participates in 
Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free's Poetry Without Paper Competition 
and during the month of May participates in 
Gloucester Education Foundation City Wide arts festival 

My View: Seeing the Past in the Present
, column by Ruthanne Collinson,
reproduced in Gloucester Daily Times, March 4, 2014

One of the most amazing aspects of living in the same place for a lifetime
is that you see the past in the present again and again.

Every time I drive on the road from Lanesville to Bay View, I imagine my
Finnish grandmother walking the path to her best friend’s house


Helmi leaves the house

before the sky has color,

lumbers down the street,

a noiseless animal

in her heavy woolen coat.

By the time she reaches

the road above the river,

the sky is coming up.

On the way to Anna’s house,

Helmi watches the lights go on,

thinks of paths worn between rooms.

Anna gets up early

the day her only friend will come,

sets out the grapes

in woven baskets on the table,

thinking of days with Helmi,

pulling at vines,

crawling out of shaded arbors,

standing straight in clover fields.

Now the honey stands in clear milk jars

on the window sill.

Anna looks though the amber syrup,

waiting for the footsteps of her friend.

At first, shy and breathless,

they stand before the stove,

each picking a stone from the small pile

Anna keeps on the warming shelf.

As they turn the stones

in their thick Finnish hands,

the words begin to come.

CFTA in the News

2013 March: Press Release Announcing $13,200 in new private donation
Work to Begin on WPA Murals in Gloucester City Hall, Cape Ann Beacon

CFTA History
Thank you to previous CFTA members

Agendas are available prior to Committee meetings.
Minutes are available once approved by the CFTA.
Most recent Minutes | All Minutes

The Committee has 7 members, each serving a 4 year term.
Last Name
First Name
To Expire
16 Highland Street

Hoglander Judith   Chair February 14, 2017

February 14, 2016

February 14, 2017

February 14, 2016
Haverkamp Robert 

  February 14, 2017

February 14, 2017 

Mayor's Representative
February 14, 2016


The Committee for the Arts mission is to further the City’s deep cultural heritage and promote its contemporary arts by:
  • maintaining Gloucester’s WPA murals and other City-owned art 
  • developing and promoting educational programs 
  • establishing awards and honors that recognize local artists including the position ofGloucester Poet Laureate 
  • implementing a City-wide public art policy and commissioning process 
  • developing mutually beneficial arts partnerships 
  • encouraging the creation and promotion of arts projects created in and/or about Gloucester 
  • advising City officials on the value of a diverse, cultural life for all citizens 
  • encouraging arts programs within the public schools

Kyrouz Auditorium photo, City Hall © Chuck Choi

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