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Posted on: August 13, 2018


Demolition and salvage of existing breakwater stone has been completed as of June 8, 2018.  Stone removed from the existing breakwater has been sorted, cleaned, and stockpiled for use as veneer, cap stone, and seaward revetment in the South Staging Area. 
  • The Contractor began construction of the South Breakwater Upper Crest June 8, 2018 with placement of granite veneer stone.  Upon achieving necessary elevations for concrete placement, two sections of support beam and leveling placements were deposited into the footprint of the South Breakwater Upper Crest [ST 28 25 to 29 87] from varying elevations of (6.0-6.5±) to (9.0-9.5±) MLW. 
  •  Assembly of concrete core reinforcing cage and preparation of salvaged granite veneer is ongoing, completed to current limits of concrete core placement. 
  •  To date, approximately 4000 square feet of granite veneer stone has been set into position to finish height of EL 24.0 ± MLW [ST 28 65 to 29 87], EL 20 ± MLW [ST 28 45 to ST 28 65], and to EL 14.5 ± MLW [ST 28 35 to 28 45] over approximately 152 LF. 
  • Concrete Core has been placed to EL 19 ± [ST 28 35 to 29 87].  To date, approximately 663 cubic yards of concrete have been deposited over approximately 155 LF for construction of support beam/leveling placement and concrete core. 
  • Construction of South Breakwater Upper Crest has been completed to approximately 35%. 
  • Salvaged revetment stone has been placed to EL 15.0 ± [ST 28 25 to 28 90] and to EL 13.0 ± [ST 27 90 to 28 25] over approximately 100 LF.  Revetment stone placement is ongoing and is partially completed to The contractor has begun excavation to continue construction of South Breakwater Upper Crest in a linear fashion in a Southerly direction [ST 27 10 to ST 27 80]. 
  •  The contractor has excavated the North Breakwater Quay failed wall area to facilitate reconstruction.  Displaced granite wall stones and excavated material have been segregated and stockpiled in the North Staging Area. 
  • Construction of the North Breakwater Quay Wall began on August 15, 2018.  To date, approximately 360 square feet of granite veneer has been set in place to EL 8.5 ± MLW over approximately 40 LF [ST 10 40 to ST 10 80].  12 cubic yards of concrete has been deposited on interior of North Quay Wall to approximately EL 3.0 ± MLW.  
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