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Date of Publication: February 19, 2021

City of Gloucester

Community Development Department, Grants Office

3 Pond Road

Gloucester, MA 01930

978 325 5238

On or after March 5, 2021, the City of Gloucester will submit a request to the U.S. Department of Community Development (HUD) for the release of Community Development Block Grant funds under Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (PL93-383)as amended, to undertake the following project: 

Tier 1 Broad Review Project/Program Title: Housing Rehabilitation Program Assistance Program 

Purpose: To assist low/mod income households with safety, health and code violations

Location: Citywide

Project/Program Description:  The Housing Rehabilitation Program offers deferred payment, no-interest loans to owner-occupants of single- (1-4) and multi-family properties (5-7 units) for moderate rehabilitation.  The program will provide assistance to homeowners and investors in need of emergency repairs, safety, building/health code violation repairs, and/or other repairs in order to improve the safety, accessibility, and energy-efficiency of their home.  

Tier 2 site specific reviews will be completed for those laws and authorities not addressed in the tier 1 broad review for each address under this program when addresses become known.

Level of Environmental Review Citation: 24 CFR Part 58.5(a)(3)(i) & (ii)

Tier 2 Site Specific Review: The site specific reviews will cover the following laws and authorities not addressed in the Tier 1 broad review:  Flood Insurance - Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 and National Flood Insurance Reform Act of 1994 [42 USC 4001-4128 and 42 USC 515a]; Floodplain Management - Executive Order 11988, particularly section 2(a); 24 CFR Part 55; Historic Preservation - National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, particularly sections 106 and 110; 36 CFR Part 800; Wetlands Protection - Executive Order 11990, particularly sections 2 and 5; 

Mitigation Measures/Conditions/Permits (if any): For each of the laws and authorities listed in the tier 2 site specific review, describe how issues will be addressed, and how mitigation measures, conditions or permits required will be implemented. 

Flood Insurance:  Each site will be mapped on the FEMA issued Flood Insurance Maps (FIRMs).  If the building is located in 100 year flood zone, Flood insurance will be required.  

Floodplain Management:  Each site will be mapped on the FEMA issued Flood Insurance Maps (FIRMs).  1 -4 family properties are exempt from the 8-step Decision Making Process under section 55.12(b)(2).  Properties with 5 - 7 units will follow the 8-step process. 

Historic Preservation: A Project Notification Form will be submitted to Mass Historical Commission for each project rehab site.  If property is within Historic District(s) they will need to comply with the Local Historic District permitting process for any exterior work; if  property is listed or eligible for the State's National Register then the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archaeology and Historic Preservation rules will be followed for exterior work.  

Wetlands Protection:  Each site will be evaluated for wetlands and buffer zones on the most current DEP Wetland and City's Protection Buffers maps (mapgeo). If located in wetlands area or buffer, project will need to have permit issued by the Conservation Commission before work can proceed. 

Estimated Project Cost: $549,156.00 

The activity/activities proposed are categorically excluded under HUD regulations at 24 CFR Part 58 from National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements per 24 CFR Part 58.5(a)(3)(i) & (ii). An Environmental Review Record (ERR) that documents the environmental determinations for this project is on file at Community Development Department, Grants Office, 3 Pond Road, Gloucester, MA 01930 and may be examined or copied  8:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M., Monday - Wednesday, 8:00 A.M. - 6:30 P.M on Thursday and 8:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. on Friday. 


Any individual, group, or agency may submit written comments on the ERR to the City of Gloucester, Community Development Department, Grants Office, 3 Pond Road, Gloucester, MA 01930 or email grants@gloucester-ma.gov or  https://www.hudexchange.info/programs/environmental-review/environmental-review-records/.  All comments received by March 5, 2021, will be considered by the City of Gloucester prior to authorizing submission of a request for release of funds. 


The City of Gloucester certifies to HUD Massachusetts that Sefatia Romeo Theken, Certifying Officer,  in her capacity as Mayor consents to accept the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts if an action is brought to enforce responsibilities in relation to the environmental review process and that these responsibilities have been satisfied.  HUD's Massachusetts' approval of the certification satisfies its responsibilities under NEPA and related laws and authorities and allows the City of Gloucester to use HUD program funds. 


HUD of Massachusetts will accept objections to its release of fund and the City of Gloucester’s certification for a period of fifteen days following the anticipated submission date or its actual receipt of the request (whichever is later) only if they are on one of the following bases: (a) the certification was not executed by the Certifying Officer of the City of Gloucester; (b) the RE has omitted a step or failed to make a decision or finding required by HUD regulations at 24 CFR part 58; (c) the grant recipient or other participants in the development process have committed funds, incurred costs or undertaken activities not authorized by 24 CFR Part 58 before approval of a release of funds by HUD Massachusetts; or (d) another Federal agency acting pursuant to 40 CFR Part 1504 has submitted a written finding that the project is unsatisfactory from the standpoint of environmental quality. Objections must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the required procedures (24 CFR Part 58, Sec. 58.76) and shall be addressed to Mr. Paul Connolly, Program Manager, 10 Causeway Street, Room 535, Boston, MA 02222.  Potential objectors should contact HUD Boston Field Office to verify the actual last day of the objection period. 

Sefatia Romeo Theken, Mayor

(Certifying Officer)

City of Gloucester


Due to overwhelming interest the Rehab Loan Program is currently accepting names for our wait list. If you are interested please contact the Grants team at grants@gloucester-ma.gov or (978) 325-5238.

The Housing Rehabilitation Program, through the Grants Office of the City of Gloucester, offers deferred payment, 0% interest loans to owner-occupied properties (1 to 7 units). Funding is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program.

The Housing Rehab Program will provide assistance to homeowners in need of emergency repairs, building/health code violation repairs, and/or other repairs in order to improve the safety, accessibility, and energy-efficiency of their home.

Programs & Qualifications

Owner-occupied single and multi-family properties are eligible for rehabilitation assistance.

  1. Property must be owner-occupied.
  2. Property owner and/or tenant MUST fall within Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Income Guidelines at the time of assistance.
  3. Assistance is provided as deferred payment, 0% interest loans.

In cases of demonstrated need (such as deleading), the Grants Office will provide a deferred, 0% interest loan to assist owners of investment residential rental properties under 7 units. Larger rental properties will be directed to alternative funding opportunities. Please call the office to discuss further.

General Program Information

View the City of Gloucester Housing Rehabilitation Program Policy
The Program Policy outlines requirements for eligibility and the rehabilitation process.


The City of Gloucester’s Housing Rehabilitation is actively seeking qualified general contractors and deleaders for various federally-funded housing rehabilitation projects. You may receive preference in bidding if you are a qualified Section 3 or Women/Minority Business Enterprise. 

To sign up for notification of bid opportunities, please click the link below:
Housing Rehab - Bid Notifications

For more more information please contact Deb Laurie, Senior Project Manager, at (978) 325-5238 or grants@gloucester-ma.gov