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The Gloucester Cultural Council invites you to apply for a grant for your arts, humanities, and/or science program. This year we plan to give priority to programs that:

  • have a direct link to Gloucester
  • are accessible to diverse groups of people
  • demonstrate innovative ways to bring science to the public
  • build momentum and create vitality within the community


Deadline for Sections 1 and 2: Monday, 12/14/2020, 5PM ET

Deadline for LCC Applications: Monday, 12/14/2020, 11:59PM ET 

Deadline for Denial Letters to be sent to Applicants: Saturday, 2/13/2021 (Remember to allow at least 15 days for the reconsideration process)

Deadline for submitting Annual Report: Tuesday, 3/1/2021, 5PM ET

Please see Mass Culture for more information or to apply. Thank you.


The Gloucester Cultural Council plays an essential role in creating, fostering, and maintaining a rich cultural life in the City of Gloucester for both the present and future.

The Gloucester Cultural Council is invested in maintaining the vibrancy of the City of Gloucester in a myriad of ways including securing grant monies to provide funding to City schools, organizations, artists, and other community members. Funding helps to promote education and diversity in the arts and humanities and contributes to the City’s vitality and economy. The City of Gloucester is blessed with a strong cultural history rooted in the arts. The City has been home to world-class artists, sculptors, playwrights, architects, dancers, musicians, and many more. With Gloucester being home to the oldest art colony in the United States, the City is able to keep the cultural history alive through education, programs, and initiatives that enrich the community for both residents and visitors.

The Cultural Council is committed to continuing to uphold the City’s rich, vibrant, and historic value for generations to come. By fostering the cultural wealth and diversity of the City, the Council also helps drive growth and opportunity for the area.

The Gloucester Cultural Council has at least 5 members, each serving a 3-year term. Pursuant to Mass. General Laws, no member can serve more than two consecutive terms.

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First Name
Last NameAddressTelephoneTo Expire
ShaylaSwigart Kaufmann307 Essex Avenue(978) 559-1528February 14, 2023
ElizabethNeumeier28 Coggeshall Road(978) 807-0536February 14, 2022
RebeccaNagle12 Eastern Avenue(781) 439-5583February 14, 2023
LauraCrook Waxdal1 Holly Street # 2
February 14, 2023
Lucas Cotterman204 Hesperus Avenue(917) 582-7351February 14, 2024
Arthur Thomas14 Seaview Road(978) 281-6430February 14, 2024