Dolliver's Cemetery Inscriptions Volumes I, II, III

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Between 1895 and 1899 William H. Dolliver was tasked with recording tombstone inscriptions throughout Gloucester cemeteries. His work, originally recorded in a bound book, provides us with valuable information about what was then intact and readable as well as a glimpse into the priorities of the late nineteenth century. Many of the original inscriptions are now lost or unreadable. His work ended up being divided into three volumes and includes four historic Gloucester cemeteries, two private cemeteries and two that now belong to Rockport, MA.

A bit more than a 100 years later, Gloucester residents Edith Sparling and Mary Ray developed an invaluable index to the first volume of the hand-written Dolliver as well as recording inscriptions in additional documents. This index also included other information such as location, which, until it is replaced with GPS data, continues to be important in locating graves. In 2019 the Cemeteries Advisory Committee undertook a project to provide greater access to all of these records.

Each volume was crowd-sourced and transcribed and then formatted in an easily readable form.  They are now completely digitized and searchable. In addition, with the generous cooperation of the Gloucester City Archives and the Cape Ann Museum, a new copy from the 1895-99 originals was scanned, complete with colored inks. Here are PDF files for each of the volumes, one the newly transcribed work interleaved with the original, and the second, a printer-friendly copy of just the transcriptions. Printed copies of the complete Dolliver, including the original pages, have been donated to the City Archives, the Sawyer Free Library and the Cape Ann Museum. In addition to posting this work on this city site, it is being harvested by the Digital Commonwealth The Committee wishes to thank Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken and the City Council for their support throughout the project. 

A listing of the cemeteries with their traditional and modern names:

Volume I
– Old Bridge Street Yard/First Parish Burial Ground.

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Volume II – (1) Annisquam Yard near Bradford Street School/Bay View (2) Annisquam Yard near Harvey’s Stables/Lanes Cove/Cove Hill (3)Thompson’s Yard/2nd Parish/W. Gloucester (4) Unitarian Church Yard/Prospect Street/High Street (5)Universal/Universalist Church Yard/Church Street Cemetery.

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Volume III – (1) Folly Cove/Locust Grove, Rockport (2) Rockport/Old First Parish Burying Ground, Rockport.

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